Site Rules & Conditions

  1. All fees are payable in full on the agreed date(s), failing which the right to occupy the pitch is suspended until payment in full is received.
  2. Payment of the appropriate fee entitles the owner to place a touring caravan on the specified site at any time during the specified season. It is not intended to create any greater right or interest and in particular does not constitute a tenancy or letting of any nature whatsoever.
  3. The caravan owner must ensure that the caravan and contents thereof are adequately insured as the Management cannot be held liable for any loss or damage however arising, save to the extent of that caused by negligence on the part of the Management.
  4. The caravan must not be occupied as a permanent private residence.
  5. No profession, business, agency or trade of any nature may be carried out on the site.
  6. The caravan must be equipped with adequate approved fire fighting equipment.
  7. All vehicles on the site must be adequately insured against third party risks and all drivers must hold a current driving licence. The speed limit on the site of 10 miles per hour must not be exceeded.
  8. Caravan owners are limited to one awning per caravan.
  9. No musical instruments, radios, record, tape, CD players or other sound reproduction or amplifying equipment may be played or used so as to be audible outside the caravan between 22.00 and 09.00 hours. Respect for the quiet enjoyment by others on the site should be exercised at all other times.
  10. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times on the site, and in the interest of hygiene and children’s safety, owners are specifically requested to clear up after their pets.
  11. The Management shall not be held liable for any injury, sickness, death or delay of any person entering the site whether owner, occupier or otherwise of the caravan, save to the extent of that caused by the negligence on the part of the Management.
  12. The Management shall be entitled to terminate permission to place a caravan on the site or to refuse to permit any person to occupy a caravan on the site if in the opinion of the Management these rules and conditions have not been complied with, or if there has occurred any behaviour on the site by any person which in the opinion of the Management requires the immediate removal of such person and /or the caravan. If the caravan is not removed on demand, the Management shall be entitled to remove the same at the expense of the owner.
  13. When caravan owners are not occupying the pitch, boats must be removed from the caravan site and stored elsewhere. Separate boat storage arrangements will need to be made with the Management, if storage in the dedicated equipment storage facilities at Cim Farm is required.
  14. Caravan owners are responsible for cutting the grass on the specified pitch and the immediate surrounding area on a regular basis.
  15. Caravan owners are responsible for ensuring that all occupants and visitors to their caravan are compliant with the current COVID19 regulations issued by the Welsh Government and that all the occupants exercise appropriate social distancing protocols as regards other users of the site.
  16. If any occupant of the Caravan develops symptoms of COVID19 such as a new persistent cough, high temperature or loss of smell and/or taste, all the occupants must straight away leave the site and return to their respective home addresses to self isolate and undertake appropriate testing
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